Network Marketing – Choosing the Right Company

Everyone networks today! Network marketing can create a significant residual income. Through network marketing you can have time and money. Well, if that’s true why are more people not involved?

We have to realize that some people have a distain for anything network marketing or (MLM) multi-level marketing. My personal belief is that it is deserved in some cases! There are indeed some bad companies out there. First lets agree that there are some bad companies, some people have tried those companies and lost money. In other cases people look for “get rich quick” programs that promise all kinds of money for doing nothing. There has to be some personal responsibility taken when this occurs. To me it’s a bit like car salesman. It use to be that people were skeptical of car salesmen. While the whole industry suffered from that there were some good companies. I’m not saying they are perfect, but I do believe companies like CARMAX and their “no-haggle” pricing helped changed this. It’s the same thing with network marketing or (MLM) multi-level marketing. The Good companies are really starting to shine in their respective marketplaces.

If you want to work from home whereby you own your own home based business it can be done successfully. There are good companies out there that will allow you to work part-time and create a nice income. You can create a plan B or safety net that can turn into a Plan A! You CAN have time and money, but it will take hard work. It’s very important that you understand this going in.

I personally have been apart of a few network marketing companies. Mostly good companies, good concepts, but just not right for me. If you are reading this article you are probably where I was 5-6 years ago. I knew network marketing could give me what I wanted, but just could not find something I truly believed in.

I’m going to be writing numerous articles on this in the future, but in this article I want to tell you how and why I found the right network marketing company for me.

The first thing I looked for was a company that was legal, endured the test of time, profitable and had compensation plan that made sense to me.

The company I found has been around for 24 1/2 years as I write this article. They have an A+ Better Business Bureau. They even have three former state-attorney generals on the payroll to make sure everything is above board. I was very impressed by this.

The next thing that was important to me was that I, personally, did not want to have to sell something every month. Listen, there are a lot of good product companies out there, but it’s just not my passion. I’m getting older and I want to work less not more.

This is what really made sense to me. This company offered services that every one of us already pay every month. I remember asking my friend who shared this business opportunity with me years ago. Are you saying I can get paid when other people pay bills they already pay each month? She said yes and I said you can count me in. That just made sense to me.

Five and a half years later this company offers electric, gas, home phone, business phones, TV, internet, credit card processing, security and cell phones! Yes both business and home services!

Someone can get rid of their cell phone or energy bill just by referring other people. Are you kidding me!

Imagine being able to do the following three things:

1. eliminate utility bills in peoples homes
2. teach people how to help other people save money on those services and get PAID every month when they pay those utility bills.
3. work one time and continue to get paid true residual income!

After 5 1/2 years of being affiliated with this company I have business in multiple countries.

In the beginning I was thinking about my income, now I love seeing other people succeed. The ability to offer people a little hope, a chance, that they can have a better life is amazing.

Tips To Boost Your Network Marketing Earnings

If you want to get into network marketing but aren’t sure how then you’re in the right place. With the information in this article you should start to build your knowledge about network marketing and from there formulate your own strategies for success. If you do all that then you should be well on your way.

Keep your positivity high when starting out in network marketing. It is much harder to stay positive than it is to be negative, however, it is important to your success. If you are getting stressed out, imagine the revenue that you will be generating when you are a success. Believe it or not, you will get through these early days.

Approach people with questions, not statements. If you give someone the opportunity to answer a question, you are starting a conversation. Approaching with a statement doesn’t give the prospect an opening to interact with you and can be a real turn off. When someone gets to answer a question they feel involved in the process and are more attuned to listening to you.

Pay yourself first in your network marketing business. This is the most important thing to keep in mind in any business, but with network marketing strategies it tends to be overlooked often. You can put some money back into the business as necessary, but make sure that your account keeps track of that fact so you can be paid back at a later time.

When speaking to a possible recruit, in person or electronically, learn all you can about their life and then tailor your marketing towards how your business can better their life. Many people love the idea of working from home during hours they set themselves, so that is a great way to slant your sales pitch.

In network marketing success it is critical that you never give up. You need to make a commitment to be working one year from today. Do not give up after a few months because you ran into problems or encountered some obstacles. You have to be persistent and keep putting one foot in front of the other to achieve success.

Managing your time wisely is critical to the success of your network marketing business. While reading blogs about internet marketing is interesting, you could have used that time to promote your own product with your own blog. Be persistent in calling your down-lines to get them motivated, but cut your losses if they haven’t responded by the fourth call, and put your energy to use in more productive endeavors. Training calls and conferences are great, but they don’t create prospects for you. Neither does training agents for other team members. Avoid companies with an all-for-one, one-for-all attitude. You’re in business to make money for yourself, not other network marketers.

Hopefully with the information you learned in this article you have the knowledge you need to get started in it. Remember that the information in this article is only a portion of what you can know, if you keep on expanding your knowledge then success with network marketing should come in no time.

What to Do If You Have No MLM Success Stories

Having MLM success stories is great for the everyday marketer that has the experience and story archives. What do you do if you don’t have any stories? This narrative will help you uncover some ways to work with your limited resources and still come out like a shining star. Everyone should start somewhere, but some people will take the wrong path and use stories that are not theirs. This is a big no in the world of marketing and writing. However, you can create stories that are based on research, interviews and share them with your prospects.

Building up your reputation through MLM success stories research

One of the easiest ways to gain reputation and authority in an overzealous industry is to research and craft stories that are educational and informative for your audience. This doesn’t mean it’s always about Mr. Zeal coming from rags to success, but it can eventually tie into your MLM success stories archive that building. Academic styled articles, blogs, and eBooks are the best way to get your fingers into the proverbial ink. Once you published them, you need to promote them across your owned media channels. However, you will need to create a promotional schedule that won’t interfere with your other content.

As you build your MLM success stories archive, you can move into interviewing those who have succeeded in the business and those who are up and coming in the business. This will give you enough material to reach audiences across the pre- and during phase in the MLM industry. In some cases, you can reach those in the post MLM industry and may turn them back “on” about the business. However, your stories cannot contain misinformation or sensitive information that could ruin or damage the reputation of the individual in the spotlight. If you haven’t done newspaper article writing since the college, days it is recommended that you take a quick refresher course.

Sharing your experiences from creating and failing during your MLM success stories archive

As you gain experience in driving sales and getting people to join your downline, your story writing will improve, you’ll be able to write what’s important and leave out the filler stuff. If not, you can take basic courses on writing to get into the groove, or have a freelancer develop it into marketable material. Always review your material after a break, a fresh mind will help you find errors in your writing craft. After all, a good story is one that is fluid and easily digested by the minds.

Location Freedom With Your Network Marketing Business

Now that you have the internet, you can have location freedom with your network marketing business. In this article, I am going to talk about effective ways to build your network marketing business without having to be in one place.

When network marketing started, it was necessary to go to hotel meetings and house meetings every week. This means that you are stuck in one spot and your “freedom business” is no longer free. Let’s face it if you have to be in the same place every week, how are you able to say that this is a freedom business?

In Comes the Internet

Now, with the internet, you are able to build in as many markets as you want and keep your team up and going strong. Having a webinar get together every 2 weeks and keeping in touch with your team is effective and you will be able to experience the freedom that you were promised in the beginning.

When you are looking at the internet, you are able to prospect and recruit online, have team retention. All of the things that are necessary, you will be able to have them at your fingertips instead of having to drive around for hours, convince people to leave their families on one of their few nights off. There is no reason to do this.

Location freedom is something everyone wants along with time freedom. When you build your network marketing business on the internet, you are able to design a lifestyle that you want and you are going to be able to help a lot of people do the same thing through the network marketing platform.

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